General information on Stingers

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General information on Stingers

Post  Badger on Mon 6 Dec 2010 - 11:39

Don't be disappointed when you open up the website and join in on the forum only to find a few boring posts to read. Surprised Sad
There is a great deal of important information about the club available on the home page, but if you want to learn more about us, then just send an email with your questions to the webmaster. Lazy beggar will then forward it on to me to answer. Laughing
You will always get a straight up truthful reply to your queries if they are genuine.
If you decide to join us and become a club member you then qualify for the full forum that is normally hidden to non-club members. Cool

Please feel free to ask. you might be pleasantly surprised. cheers
General queries, club membership, hockey rules, tips etc... all there somewhere.
Don't be shy - we're not
Don't forget we are also now on Facebook Smile

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